Friday, September 21, 2012

Digital Kodak Camera LENS ERROR 102 on Display

I was on vacation to the sisters of my mother house when my niece ask me if i can repair the digital camera of her co worker in her office. Honestly i did not repair once a digital camera.So she hand it over me and i powered it and in lcd it display lens error 102 and you cannot see any display which usually you saw the view in which the lens point out. But this camera show gray lcd and its error. So i powered it many times and i ask my niece if the the owner drop it, she said it does not. So i continue to look it on the lens area and point it to the light of the sun which face me the side of the lens. I give a little force of my hand to the nozzle of the lens when lens are coming out and the camera went to its normal view and i can see view normally and work perfectly and we try to get a picture and it work perfectly.Hope it helps some of you.

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