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Wireless high-definition video: silicon consolidation that's maximal

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance’s 60-GHz-based high-definition wireless-video-transport scheme may be on the way, but SiBeam’s pioneering approach and multiple product generations are already on the scene (see “The quest for robust wireless high-def video connections,”EDN, Sept 23, 2010, pg 32). Peer inside a SiBeam-developed reference design to see how the company accomplishes this hefty bit-rate trick, complete with support for 3-D video presentations and for equipment control and networking augmentations.The transmitter and receiver, each measuring 9×6×1.5 in., are identical except for backpanel labels that identify them as “source” and “sink,” respectively. An external ac adapter with 12V and 1.7A maximum output specifications powers each of them.

1. Take off the top covers of the transmitter’s and receiver’s enclosures, and you’ll find that a USB (Universal Serial Bus)-interface PCB (printed-circuit board) takes up most of the internal space. This debugging and control board mates with PC-side software, and production-system designs won’t need it. Such designs can be substantially smaller, less costly, and more power-thrifty as a result.

Wireless high-definition video: silicon consolidation that’s maximal figure 1

2. Behind the units’ plastic front panels and underneath intermediary metal shields that block all but the transmitting and receiving antenna arrays are 22×125×6-mm PCBs containing the core circuitry for each device. In this case, too, however, some of the silicon content is exclusive to the evaluation task and won’t appear in a production design. To wit, the top sides of both the transmitter and the receiver modules include Atmel AT91SAM256 microcontrollers to implement stand-alone operation. In an end-customer design, such as a Blu-ray player, a set-top box, a television, or an integrated home-theater setup, the system processor will typically manage the module, making the dedicated microcontroller unnecessary.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Transistor Tester Circuit

This is a transistor tester circuit.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to test your vehicles alternator using a multimeter.

How to use a Multimeter to test common things around the house

Re-Wound Transformer For higher Current

How To Winding a Transformer

Testing Transformers for leakage windings to case

how to check a transformer

Diode Testing

How to test high voltage diodes

Circuit protection for LCD-TV backlighting, supplies - Electronic Products

Advanced LCD technology has resulted in larger screens, wider viewing angles, and higher-quality video images. However, as LCD-TV screens grow bigger and brighter, they require more voltage and current to operate, increasing the need for more robust and reliable circuit protection techniques.

A variety of circuit protection devices can be used to help protect the LCD screen from damage caused by excessive current or voltage transients. Overcurrent protection may take the form of a fuse or a resettable polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) device. Deciding whether to specify a PPTC device or a single-use fuse depends on the LCD design and the types of threats the device may face.
PPTC devices are commonly applied to circuits that experience high inrush currents on startup. PPTC devices are resilient to inrush currents and help eliminate the nuisance of blown fuses. Fuses are well suited to circuit designs where resettability is not desirable, or where faults occur only in a system failure condition. They are also a practical solution when soft-start circuitry is used to limit inrush current.
To enhance equipment safety and reliability, a variety of overvoltage protection devices including metal oxide varistors (MOVs), multilayer varistors (MLVs) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) surge protection devices can be used in a coordinated scheme with overcurrent protection devices, as discussed here.

Industry’s first reflowable thermal protection device replaces power FETs

Presented as the industry’s first surface-mountable reflowable thermal protection device, the RTP200R120SA (RTP200) can be used to replace redundant power FETs, relays, and heavy heat sinks. The first device in the RTP product family, the RTP200 can withstand multiple reflow passes with peak temperatures exceeding 200°C, and will also open when it detects temperatures above 200°C.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Issue of EDN digital Magazine

Inside this Issue: EDN MAGAZINE
  • Hacking The Brain: Advances in both hardware and software are making an accurate and economical brain-to-computer interface feasible
  • Selecting the best battery for embedded-system applications
  • Compensate for wiring losses with remote sensing 
  • Embedded processors employ 40-nm lithography 
  • Also - Lattice MachXO2 family reduces power and cost for low-density PLD designs, Tales from the cube, Voices, Bakers Best...and more! 
  • Click here the link to see the magazine in digital form: http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1X4ce295bf23016012.cde
Happy reading and lets put good reading in our mind.

DIY Printed circuit board

How to Make A Circuit board

Field Effect Transistor Tester

This picture of Field Effect Transistor Tester came from Mr. Beh. I shared to him the circuit link and he makes one. Before he made one of this tester. He has a circuit that he plan to build it. But prior to that i told him that circuit of fet tester is not working because i made that one before. And I told him this picture which i link him the circuit that works to test a FET. Thanks to Mr. Beh for the picture. Congratulations. You have another helper to troubleshoot electronics. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phillips Plastic Injection Molding

If you are in the field of plastic injection molding. See this video.

Waking Your Children And Giving Them Time Discipline

Salary Survey

Design News - Download

This download is pertaining to the salary survey of design engineer. Click on the link above or click here http://www.designnews.com/file/25424-DN_2010_Salary_Survey.pdf

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Cellphone of Tomorrow - Fujitsu phone

Design News Golden Mousetrap Awards

Welcome to Design News’ 2011 Golden Mousetrap Awards, sponsored by NEWARK! The call for entries is now open and we will be accepting submissions through Dec. 15, 2010. All finalists and winners will be announced in our March 2011 issue and on our website. Click on the link above if you are interested.

This year Golden Mousetrap Awards will be given in the same four major categories as years past: Electronics & Test, Automation & Control, Design Tools: Hardware & Software and Materials & Assembly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Testing Good FET

The first video is testing bad fet and now testing good fet video. The first video show the red led lit that a sign that fet is defective.

Towers' International Fet Selector: Specification Data for the Identification, Selection, and Substitution of Fets

My Fet Tester

This is the FET TESTER video that i make.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Manufacturers: Global Sources

If you want to subscribe free magazines regarding on electronics just click on the link above title.

Negotiate Your Salary Like A Pro,

Negotiate Your Salary Like A Pro,

During an interview, many job applicants get caught unprepared when asked salary questions. Poor answers to money questions can cost the applicant the job, or if hired, can result in being paid thousands of dollars less than the employer would have been willing to pay. The following steps can prepare you to negotiate your salary like a pro! Click the above link to read the whole article.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EDN Magazine

Inside this Issue: EDN Electronics Magazine 
  • A Magic Touch - Touchscreen interfaces are becoming increasingly common, due in part to broader user awareness thanks to the iPhone and its competitors. Technology alternatives have unique mixes of strengths and shortcomings, and assessing the need for multitouch will help you select among them.
  • Power islands cut power and cost in deep-submicron designs
  • Bypass-diode replacement shuts down solar panel hotspots 
  • Essential principles for practical analog BIST
  • Also - AMD GPUs tout performance as high as 2 TFLOPS, Pulse, Tales from the cube...and more! 

Power supply design for ADS41X

If you are looking on how design power supply for ADS41X made by Texas Instrument. Here is the pdf link you can download. Click here.http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/slaa461/slaa461.pdf

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Datasheet Book for Electronic Components

It is important to have datasheet book for electronic component to know what component are you dealing with if it is fet, darlington transistor, bipolar transistor, voltage regulator, scr, triac,diac,ic and so on. The importance of these books can give you easy access what is the pin names of your component you are dealing and thru this data given you can understand how it's work. You will know what is the input and output voltages like in IC datasheets. You will know also the specification of that component like the voltages it can withhold, wattage,ampere and so on. Some datasheet books gives you the replacement for some parts incase you cannot found in the market the original parts. While in this days most datasheets can be found in the internet thru typing the partname in google it is advisable that you have one of this book on your hand for easy and fast retrieving of the data you are looking for. Incase of electricity blackout or your computer will malfunction in the time you will not expected you have data on your hand thru these books..

ECG Semiconductor Master Replacement Guide ECG212P
Up-to-date World's Transistor Diode Thyristors & IC's Comparison Tables (A... Z): vol. 1

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Software Alternatives – OpenOffice and Other Free Software - Popular Mechanics

Free Software Alternatives – OpenOffice and Other Free Software - Popular Mechanics

In time of crisis we tend to think to cut our expenses. Here are some alternatives regarding some software that you can download to your computer.

Instead of Buying:

Microsoft Office ➔ Download OpenOffice or use the Web-based Google Documents.

Adobe Photoshop ➔ Download GIMP or CinePaint, or use the Web-based Picnik or Aviary.

Adobe Final Cut ➔ Download Avidemux or VirtualDub.

Nero Burning ROM ➔ Download Cdrdao or Burn.

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Avnet Electronics Marketing - Electronic Components Distributor Services, Datasheet PDF Download, Part Number Search 3 Million Components - Avnet Express

Avnet Electronics Marketing - Electronic Components Distributor Services, Datasheet PDF Download, Part Number Search 3 Million Components - Avnet Express

Another electronic supplier. Click on the link above.

Amprobe 34XR-A True RMS Digital Multimeter Amprobe 34XRA 34XR-A 34XR A

Amprobe 34XR-A True RMS Digital Multimeter Amprobe 34XRA 34XR-A 34XR A

If you need a quality digital multimeter this one is all i recommend. It has Capacitance measurment up to 4000 uf. It hertz measurement is up to 40 mhz. It resistance check is up to 40 mega ohms. It has diode range, ac and dc range. Click on the link above.

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This is a digital magazine about design news. You can download it thru pdf file. http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1X4cc54b12083c2564.cdehttp://cde.cerosmedia.com/1Y4cc56a7b02b3d012.cde

VBond Technology & Industrial Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor Bonding

VBond Technology & Industrial Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor Bonding

If you want a good display on your lcd even the sun pointing it's lights to your screen thru the technology of VBOND you can still saw the picture clear on your screen. http://www.vartechsystems.com/products/crystalvue/vbond.asp

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