Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Randy fromm Great Technical Information

An Introduction to Electronics                  5
Understanding Resistors and Resistance          10
Grounded!                                       16
Electrolytic Capacitors                         20
Electrolytic Capacitors and ESR                 23
Understanding Diodes and Transistors            27
Take a “Triac” and Call Me in the Morning       32
The MOSFET                                      37
Darlington Transistors                          40
Datasheets                                      43
The Digital Multimeter                          47
When Test Instruments Lie                       58
Optical Couplers                                63
How Components Fail                             66
Locating Short Circuits                         71
Phantom Voltage                                 73
Videogame troubleshooting                       75
A Day in the Life                               78
More troubleshooting tips
The Minimalist Mechanic                         81
Repair Log                                      84
The Zen of Troubleshooting                      85
Transformers                                    90
Understanding Linear Power Supplies             95
Switching Regulator Power Supplies              108
Testing the Power Supply                        120
Three Terminal Regulators                       122
How Monitors Work                               125
Adjusting Monitors                              129
Isolation Transformers                          133
Linear Voltage Regulator Failures               135
Troubleshooting SMPS Primary Failures           138
Unlock the Mystery of Monitor Troubleshooting   142
B+ is the key
Video                                           148
Video B+                                        151
Low Voltage Equals High Brightness              155
Loaded to Death                                 157
Understanding Vertical Deflection Circuits      162
Which Chip is Which?                            169
Troubleshooting Horizontal Deflection Circuits  172
When Horizontal Drive Goes Bad                  177
High Voltage Units                              183
Flyback Derived Power Supplies                  185
X-Ray Protection                                187
He Shoots, He Scores!                           192
Blanking                                        195
Sync Me!                                        197
Repair Log                                      200
Deflection Yoke Interchangeability              202
Swapping Neck Boards - Not!                     204
Color Monitors and Degaussing                   207
Replacing Picture Tubes                         209
Swapping Picture Tubes                          213
Shooting the Tube                               216
CRT Rejuvenation and Restoration
Heater-toCathode Short? Put a long in it!       221
Bright Ideas for Monitors                       224
Using an ordinary light bulb
Phil, the Filter Capacitor                      227
Wells-Gardner’s U2000                           229
Troubleshooting Neotec Monitors                 234
Hantarex MTC9000 Monitor                        238
Electrohome GO7 Monitor                         241
Adjusting Monitor Widths                        244
Understanding Monitor Resolution                246
The Time Machine                                250
How to Choose a Replacement Monitor             257
Build a Video Wall                              262
Do It Yourself Loglc Board Repair               265
Understanding Solenoid Driver Circuits          269
Understanding Pinball’s Switch Matrix           274
Understanding Pinball’s Lamp Matrix             277
A technical look at Pinball 2000                281
Troubleshooting Pinball Switch Failures         285
Pinball’s High Voltage Power Supply             288
Gottlieb Bows “Smart Switch”                    290
Gottlieb’s System 3 Pinball                     293
Troubleshooting Audio Amplifiers                298
Lightning Strikes                               299
Protecting your games from damaging discharges
Motor Control                                   302
Understanding Ticket Dispensers                 306
Deltronics Ticket Dispenser Manual              309
Ticket dispenser troubleshooting chart          317
Servicing Bill Accepters - Mars VFM4            318
Understanding The Oscilloscope                  325
Curve Tracer                                    336
Introduction to Digital Electronics             341
Replacement Parts                               351
What to get and where to get ‘em
Component Replacement and Soldering             353
SMD Rework                                      359
Removing Integrated Circuits from Junk Boards   364
Conversion Hookups                              365
Connectors                                      367
Meter Methods - Adding coin meters              369
Working With Plexiglass                         371
Formica Magic                                   374
Video Game Checklist                            377
REFERENCE SECTION                               379
Guide to Schematic Symbols                      380
Resistors                                       381
Semiconductors                                  384
Power Supplies                                  390
Pinball Switch Matrix/ Lamp Matrix              403
Sharp Image Monitor Schematic                   406
Monitor Troubleshooting Flowcharts              407

Above list are the one inside the book of Randy Fromm. Click here:http://randyfromm.com/amusements/arcadeschool/bbb.htm

Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Schematic/ Manual

Here are links of free download of schematic and manual:http://www.lcd-television-repair.com/newsletter/Download_Page.html

Friday, April 1, 2011


NTE is happy to announce the addition of another series of fuses to its fuse line!

10x38mm Photovoltaic Fuses for Solar Panel Applications
The 74-10FC Solar Protection Fuse series has been specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems. This family of midget fuses can safely protect PV modules and their conductors from reverse over current conditions despite the associated challenges of DC power.

As PV systems have grown in size, so have the corresponding voltage requirements. This increase in system voltage has typically been intended to minimize power loss associated with long conductor runs. With design voltages growing upwards of 1000VDC, standard midget fuses simply cannot handle this power. However, the 74-10FC series is UL Recognized to safely interrupt circuits up to this demanding voltage level.

* Specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems/strings

* Interrupt low over-currents associated with faulted PV string arrays (reverse current, multi-array faults)

* Fast Acting Ceramic

* From 1 to 20 Amps

* 1000 Volts AC/DC

* RoHS Compliant

* UL Recognized

These new fuses are available in both bulk & blister package (2/pkg).



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