Friday, June 9, 2017

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Satellite receiver ICLASS 9696XPVR HDMI repaired

The problem of this satellite receiver was could not boot up properly according to my experience the malfunctioning of power supply can make this problem since bad and not purified DC  if produced by power supply the very sensitive parts on mother board can not handle the bad voltages and their reaction is not working properly . After opening the cover  of this receiver every things looked good . except one of the electro caps in second stage of power supply with a very small curve on top I decided  to pull this cap out of circuit and test it.  on the body of cap was written 1000microfard @10v .  according to ESR standard tablet of  caps the ESR of this cap must be 0.1 but ATLAS ESR METER.

Read this 0.88 .and the capacitive value 600microfard the cap value was decreased 400 micofard so I decided to replace this cap with a new good one. After replacing the cap the machine booted completely when it truns on . after that also I reprogram this machine by updated program.

Here  I have to say thank you to  my good friend MR ZED  for sending the up date program for this satellite receiver .
Enjoy repairing

By: Beh                     Dec 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Samsung lcd tv with model number LA32R91B Is repaired

The problem of this tv was saturation of white color in picture. first I contact to sam service as customer  to ask any help For repair of this TV they asked me about model number and answered me that  these model numbers are not repair able and due to panel problem the best way to get ride of is salvage.  by experience I knew that this could be the problem of gray scale ic in the TIME CONTROL BOARD .this is 48 pin ic that more or less the size is little bite bigger than a lentis  AS15-G

Mean while a repair friend of main offered me a used TCON BOARD   in good condition with same specification but very expensive that is why I preferred to buy a new board .also i have to mention that I can not find the  ic in our local market and in case I find the ic replacing such small smd is a big challenge so I decided to order it to china suppliers and buy a new time control 
After one month receiving the board from china and replacing the 
board problem solved

This is only example of timing control board or T-con

image before repair

image after repalce a new tcon board

By: Beh of Iran

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Router zyxel model no P660HW REPAIRED

Router  zyxel   model no P660HW 
By : beh


The problem of this router was not make a connection  with internet
And   the   led that indicating   the router found the link did not blink
At all and totally  no internet connection

After   opening the  machine I turn on the machine  and after a while  by touching method
And by my finger i touch all electrolytes caps all were good but one of the caps was hot like hell
Ok I decide to replace this one and to see what will happen  this is 100 microfard@10 electrolyte cap
And  the ESR of this cap at most must be 0.6  but  it was 0.10 and this is much above normal tolerances
Ok desoldering of  two pin started by giving the heat from the pin side and pulling the cap from other side but no progress! I could not pull out the cap out of pcb despite of sucking all the solder with my vacuum solder sucker but the cap was there with out any movement?!
With close look with magnifier I found out that the cap was riveted to the pcb by a same kind of heavy metal like iron or steel  this means that the manufacturer does not like any one  or any repairer like me replace this  small cap  from pcb  that is why the cap has no movement and  stocked the pcb pins
I decided to leave the pin in the pcb and I tried to pull out the body of cap by little more pressure I could
Remove the body of cap and leave to pin on the pcb  after all twisting and giving the heat the pins still are in the pcb  by making the pins shorter with plier and soldering the pin s of new cap to same pins on pcb  machine start to work again and internt  connect to pc.

Still I have this question why manufacturer rivet this cap to pcb  this machine is working in the house
Or office of people and is not working as  part of military weapon or aircraft of ships  no need this much
Tightness. I remember when I was writing the article about the HP SCANNER and I was questioning my
Self with no answers  this time I am asking  this question from my self ? are zyxel company following the policy of HP company?

I refer you to: why  HP SCANNER IS IRREPAIRABLE in 
Mr. Behzad Rasteen is an electronics professional technician  from Iran

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